There’s no question that YouTube videos can be a powerful tool, but many beginner marketers have tried to rank their videos only to get less than ideal results. YouTube offers some amazing opportunities for traffic, not to mention ranking videos as an SEO practice in Google and the other search engines, but normally it will take a little bit of extra work and skill to make sure you get the results that you are looking for.

Positive Hack #1: Write very long video descriptions

Most marketers are used to having to give a short video description since these boxes are often very limited in the number of characters you can use. However, YouTube allows extremely long descriptions that can be even hundreds of words. This allows you to put in plenty of keywords, while creating high-quality content that the search engines can actually read.

The search engine spiders are great, but they can’t “watch” videos and know what they are about. Because of that, there’s no question that writing very long video descriptions is a great way to get some serious SEO juice both in and out of YouTube.

Positive Hack #2: Make videos that are over 5 minutes in length

Among SEO specialists it has been known for years that longer content tends to rank better than shorter content. The same actually applies with videos. When in doubt, make longer videos. You need to keep the high amount of quality up throughout the entire process, but a long quality video will do better. Five minutes seems to be that magic mark where the effect really is strong and continues to pick up.

Positive Hack #3: Use the power of backlinks

Backlinks still matter in the world of SEO, and the same goes with ranking a video in the search engine results. YouTube videos are easy to share on social media websites like Twitter, Facebook, and other social media websites. Getting shares and getting backlinks from blogs and other sources that use your video will all help that video rank even higher in the search engines, get more traffic, and that will result in the video shooting to the top of the rankings, which keeps the cycle working for you.

Positive Hack #4: Harness the power of Q&A websites

Going along with backlinks being important, look to question and answer websites like Yahoo Answers or Quora, among many others. These are websites with tons of traffic, a strong need for authoritative answers, and YouTube videos tend to be some of the only links that are not only accepted, but also encouraged. This is a great way to get the views and backlinks needed to push your video up the YouTube rankings.

Positive Hack #5: Completely fill out your channel page

This doesn’t just mean having one photo and a short description. There are multiple places to put in pictures and logos, to customize your background, organize your videos and playlists, and organize your page in a customized way that makes sense. A filled out channel page gets a major boost in YouTube’s rankings, and so do all the videos associated with it. This is a step that just makes sense.

If you follow these five positive hacks for improving the SEO around your YouTube videos, you will be amazed just how much of a difference it makes going from the bottom of the rankings to the top!