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Custom Citations

Creating high quality, custom, and consistent citations is a vital tool in increasing a site’s visibility.
Tactfully doing so will signal to search engines that your company is reputable,
making it in the search engines best interest to promote your site over others.
Custom citations is a cost effective method to increase your site’s organic ranking.

  • Improve Visibility
  • Verify Inconsistencies
  • Build Reputation

 Online Citations

Increase Relevance

When displaying search results top search engines have their own agenda in mind. Their ultimate goal is to make money. The way search engines make money is by getting people to use their site. People decide on a search engine based on optimal results, therefore, search engines main priority is to give people optimal search results. Custom Citations are vital for a site’s organic ranking because search engines place great emphasis on those citations when ranking sites.

Having consistent and reputable citations are vital factors in increasing a site’s organic ranking.

 Citation Verification

Correcting Inconsistencies

Custom citations are essentially references back to your site along with a small amount of vital information regarding what your company does, where it is located, and its contact information. Citations can be found in a structured manner on sites like yellow pages, or in more informal settings such as social media or people’s blogs. The fact that anyone can list to your site can be an upside in terms of visibility, but also a major downside if there are inconsistencies.

Think outside the Box Marketing will take the necessary steps to create custom citations as well as verify and resolve any preexisting citations.

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Custom and Consistent

NAP+W stands for name, physical address, phone number, and website. Publishing this information through reputable sources is a great way to increase your organic ranking. It is important not only to have creative, custom content published along with NAP, but also to make sure there are no inconsistencies anywhere in the web. Inconsistencies will bring about the questioning of your reputation to customers and search engines.

Get your information out there and resolve any possible inconsistencies today.

Improve Organic Ranking

Gain the competitive edge thorough our custom citation services.

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