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Our team at Reform the Box Marketing is dedicated to ensuring your success. Having a proper implementation of schema on your site will effectively tell users and search engines what your site is all about.Having proper site schema is a cost effective, proven method to increasing your site’s visibility.

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Site Schema

Our Process

very industry is unique and may have different optimal standards. For example, if your company offers products the schema for your site may look very different than site’s for companies which are service based. Our Schema Service professionals will research industry specific standards relating to your company. We take those standards and figure out what and why certain things work in certain industries. We then build and improve on the techniques your top competitors are utilizing to help get your phone ringing.

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Schema Implementation

Mark-Up Format

A Mark-Up language is a system designed to process, define, and present text. Schema is a format which utilizes Mark-Up languages. Schema vocabulary tags (microdata) is implemented to and categorizes a page’s HTML content. It defines what the content is and how it should be processed. Schema can make it easier for top search engines to categorize your site’s data. Through the addition of tags to the HTML of your pages you are telling the search engine “This information describes a specific service, product, place, etc.” Site schema can be used to define and describe a variety of item types ranging from people, to movies, and even local businesses. the “LocalBusiness” item type allows you to give your search engine a variety of information about your local company. These may include reviews, events, products that you offer, and much more.

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Local Business

Schema Types and Properties

In site Schema there are classes called “item types” which are nested within each other. More specific Item Types exist within broader ones and inherit some of their properties. The broadest item type is known as a “Thing”, which has four properties, name, description, URL, and image. Every other item type is nested within “Thing”. The “LocalBusiness” item type is nested within “Place” which is a more specific kind of “Thing”.

Here at Reform the Box Marketing we specialize in generating and implementing the “LocalBusiness” schema type, regardless of industry. The difference between a site without site schema and one with it is like the difference between someone hearing vs listening to what you are saying. In the former the search engine sees the HTML of your site, while in the latter it actually understand what your local business does. If implemented properly it feeds the search engine more consistent data about your site and will ultimately allow you to improve your ranking.

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